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  • Early Childhood Development and the Uses of Color Part I

    There are several reasons why a good preschool makes use of many different colors.  It’s not about gaudiness, or anything like that.  Color shapes us from childhood on.

    Color and Your Daycare Center

    Have you ever wondered why most fast food places have orange, red, or yellow in their logos? It is because those colors stimulate hunger responses.  Why do actors get in and out of character in a green room?  Because the shade of green in a green room is relaxing, and if one uses a green room appropriately, it can help one to center.  People don’t realize how much of an effect color has on us from a daycare center all the way up to the end of our lives, as this article from Purdue University shows:

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    Recognizing colors is an important skill. People often use colors to describe things. For example, a person who is giving directions might say, “Turn left past the green house.” Traffic signs are color-coded. Blue signs give information to travelers about gas, lodging, and phones. Brown signs tell about national parks and other vistas. Street names are on green signs. People also need to understand how colors go together.  [READ MORE] A good pre-school will recognize the importance of color recognition and teach children accordingly.

    Daycare Centers and Color Recognition

    As for daycare centers, color recognition is one of the reasons why such places are decorated with a lot of color.  There is also another reason as well.  These colors help with intellectual development.  Your child’s formative years are some of the most important in their lives.  It has been pretty well proven that color stimulates intellectual development in children.

    Helping your child develop is a key mission of ours.  But then it is part of who we are.  We are your daycare center in Mesa, Arizona.

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