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  • Early Childhood Development and the Uses of Color Part II

    Early childhood education is a key part of your child’s development.  One of the most subtle and powerful ways of shaping children is the effective use of color.

    Color Recognition:  Why It Matters

    Color Recognition in Your Gilbert Preschool

    Color Recognition in Your Gilbert Preschool | (480) 267-9427

    As any decent Gilbert preschool knows, recognizing colors is very important.  The ability to differentiate between red and yellow will help a child recognize important information like traffic signals.

    Color recognition is also important for problem solving ability.  Having a child point out the different colors also helps them to get inroads into recognizing other things too such as shapes and patterns. Learning this at the daycare level can help your child be ready for school in just a few short years. However, color serves other purposes as well.

    Color Recognition: Child Development and Expression

    With childhood development there is also another use for color:  expression.  Finger paint for example can help a child develop their creative side, and also show your childhood how color can convey emotion.

    People that don’t know about preschool don’t realize that about finger painting.  It’s nothing to do with being messy, it’s about expression.  Here is a good article excerpt about color use from Purdue University:

    Children and adults learn that they can use colors to tell others how they feel. For example, it means one thing to wear all black. It usually means something else to wear a bright, flowery shirt. Some messages are communicated with colors on TV, in movies, and in other forms of media. In some classes at school and in some jobs, colors are very important. People who are in interior design, landscaping, and historical restoration need to know a lot about colors.[READ MORE] Being in the preschool business, we are well aware of how much color can help your kids learn and grow.

    Your Gilbert Preschool and Color Use

    Being a preschool, we are all about helping your children develop.

    We expose children to color and how to use them the right way.  But then again, it’s all about who we are:  your preschool in Gilbert.

    Since 2006, Kid’s Corner has been providing daycare facilities at a reasonable rate.  Call us today and let us show you how we can help your child dream and grow.

    Kid’s Corner Preschool & Childcare, LLC
    1450 N Gilbert Rd
    Gilbert, AZ 85234
    (480) 267-9427

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