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  • Early Childhood Development and the Uses of Color Part III

    Early Childhood Education and Color

    Early Childhood Education and Color | (480) 267-9419

    Part three of a three part series explores early childhood development and the effective use of color. Color is an important part of our lives.  It can be a warning that food is unsafe if it has blue spots on it, or color can improve the aesthetics of our homes or offices. Interior design people use color a lot as do landscapers.


    Another Reason Preschools Use Colors

    There are even more areas of life that use color from preschool on up as this article excerpt from the site Color Matters shows:

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture with natural colors may be worth a million, memory-wise. Psychologists have documented that “living color” does more than appeal to the senses. It also boosts memory for scenes in the natural world. By hanging an extra “tag” of data on visual scenes, color helps us to process and store images more efficiently than colorless (black and white) scenes, and as a result to remember them better, too.  [READ MORE] Even modeling clay isn’t just gray or white, it comes in a lot of colors.  Like modeling clay, children can be shaped.  How a daycare center shapes children is a reflection on us, so we believe in shaping them the right way.

    Color Recognition and Daycare

    A good daycare center is more than a place to drop off your kids at while you’re at work.  A good daycare center subtly teaches your children vital skills such as color recognition and socialization.

    Both skills serve vital purposes, and help children become productive members of society.  So next time you see a brightly colored child’s drawing, be glad.  They are starting to develop.

    Helping your children develop is all about the choices you make as a parent.  Teach them values such as honesty and compassion.  Make sure they eat their vegetables and get to bed on time.  And help them to grow in another way:  get them in the right preschool.

    For nearly a decade, Kid’s Corner Preschool & Childcare has been serving Mesa, Arizona.  Call us today and let us help your child to grow.


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