Early Childhood Education Part 2: Academic Success

Part two of our three part series on early childhood education explores developing academic success. Be sure to read part one and part three of this series as well.

Early Childhood Education:  Academic First Steps

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Language, science, and math are academic skills that your children will need when they enter into school.  Teaching younger children during early childhood development is very different from teaching grade school kids.  Kids need social development as well as a dynamic classroom environment.  Making learning fun does not detract from the knowledge that children receive.  In fact, it helps the knowledge to be retained a lot better.

A good preschool program is designed to develop your child’s academic skills while simultaneously working on your child’s social development. For example group play fosters the development of social skills, including listening, sharing as well as cooperation. Children should be encouraged to explore and learn in a fun environment, while making friends and developing self-confidence.

Why Learning a Lot Matters in Early Childhood Development

Instilling in children a love of learning will help them throughout their lives, and early childhood development exposes them to the concept that learning can be fun.  And they are eager to learn during their formative years, and easy to teach as a result.  Instead of cutting off that thirst for knowledge, it’s actually better to encourage it.

The more they learn at an early age, the easier the transition will be throughout their life.  They will already have the basics of socialization, communication, and boundaries, down. Why not add science, reading, and math as well?  And children should learn at the pace that works for them.  Some are fast in some subjects, and others not so.  However, the more they’re encouraged, the more children blossom.  That’s the goal behind early childhood development.

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