Preschool and Childcare Tips: How to Get a Shy Child to Open Up Part 1

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Preschool is one of the places where a child can come out of their shell. Being outgoing is a skill that will help them throughout their lives.

Preschool’s Role in Developing Social Skills

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Social skills are a vital skill set to have. The level that someone can connect with another person is often understated, but it has wide-ranging impacts throughout all areas of life. To be successful, everyone needs certain skills to make it. How adroit at being sociable is will affect their grades at school, the relationship between their peers and friends, and even follow them into the workplace. Social skills affect public speaking, interview skills, and conversational ability. All of which are some of the subtle sides of successful people. Yet it isn’t just in school and the workplace that these skills matter. Did you know for example, that social skills is one of the factors that people look for when they’re selecting a potential friend, and obviously much later in life, a potential mate? And believe it or not, it starts even before the first day of preschool.

Where Socialization Begins: at Home

As children start to go to a preschool, they are exposed to more and more people, and the best exposure to have? Their exposure to other children is actually the most powerful. From the ages of 1-5, children are sponges. Every lesson they learn good or bad shapes their perceptions as well as their personalities for the rest of their lives. If they have a healthy and happy family environment, they are exposed to positive socialization, and learn a lot of their values. In the right setting, children learn even more. How does a good school teach socialization? A lot of ways that surprise people. The first step is getting a shy child to open up. Cooperation is a good way to start. But the way to start is to learn social skills with the help of a Gilbert preschool. Be sure to read part two of this series on how to get a shy child to open up.

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