Socialization in Childhood


Social development is an important part of childhood development

Early childhood Education | (480) 267-9419

Early childhood Education | (480) 267-9419

Social Development at a Gilbert Preschool

According to Wikipedia: “Every child goes through many stages of social development. An infant or very young child will play alone happily. If another child wanders onto the scene, he/she may be physically attacked or pushed out of the way. Next, the child can play with another child, gradually learning to share and take turns. Eventually, the group grows larger, to three or four children. By the time a child enters kindergarten, he or she can usually join in and enjoy group experiences. Children with ADHD and learning disabilities may need extra help to develop social skills. The impulsive characteristics of an ADHD child may lead to poor peer relationships. Children with poor attention spans may not tune into social cues in their environment, making it difficult for them to learn social skills through experience [READ MORE]

We take each child’s development very seriously.  Social skills are one of those things that are vital and without encouragement they can falter which will affect children for their whole lives.

Social Skills and a Rich Life

Social skills are important as they help children to develop friendships.  Children that are more outgoing and who have a lot of friends are happier, better adjusted and better able to get a grip on life than children who can’t socialize.

So remember, it is more than just paint and blocks.  Sometimes, there are some other skills that children need to learn at an early age including socialization.

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