The Importance of a Gilbert Daycare Center (Conclusion)


A good daycare in Gilbert will also be there to help you and your child overcome separation anxiety.

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Pre-K Education Mesa | (480) 267-9427

Is Separation Anxiety a Problem on the First Day at a Daycare?

The answer to this question depends on each child.  Some children revel in the fact that you are dropping them off (these are generally the leaders in the group) while others will cry alligator tears in hopes of making you reconsider your choice.

Know that if you enroll your child in a Gilbert daycare, your choice  is the correct one. You want to make sure that you gently ween them to the outside world.  You don’t want to raise a shut in.

Final Points About a Gilbert Daycare

The final things to consider about a center are the credentials they bring. Don’t rush this choice. Spend time with the center director and ask as many questions as you like. This is your child and if the center truly cares about their development, they will spend hours answering your questions.

Find out if you can stop by at any time, what types of experiences they offer for entire families and what your child will learn. If your child has any particular habits or difficulties in their growing process ask the director how those issues are handled. My daughter took longer than the average to finish her potty training. This was because she didn’t want to use the potty, not because she didn’t know how. We knew we found the right center when they told us they would clean up her messes but asked us to only bring one pair of training pants for the day. The rest she would be in her normal clothes.

Upon pushing, what seemed to be a form of torture, the director explained that they quietly work with the children when they have accidents and make up a fun excuse for why they changed clothes. This ensured the child wouldn’t feel uneasy about accidents and made sure that we, as parents, knew our child would be looked after as if she was with family.

That is ultimately what this choice comes down to. When a director or teacher tells you that one thing – something you have been struggling with at home – and the reasons behind what they are going to do, your gut will tell you this is the right place. Take notes and review them later, but always trust your gut and make sure you give your child this opportunity to start learning important social skills early. Once school starts, you have already denied them one of the most important steps in their development.

So, get them started the right way.  Enroll them in a Gilbert daycare.


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