The Signs of a Good Daycare Center in Gilbert (Contd.)


What are some more things to look for in a daycare center.

The Right Activities at a Daycare Center Can Help Your Children Learn | (480) 267-9427

The Right Activities at a Daycare Center Can Help Your Children Learn | (480) 267-9427

Visit a Daycare Center and Ask Questions

As a parent, you should look for kids participating in an activity of their choice and ask their teachers to explain the benefits of various activities you observe. Inquire about the academic qualifications and experience of the teachers.
Classroom environment

A good childcare center should have an open floor plan, low chairs, tables and shelves and a visible washroom block. Though it may sound odd, good toilets for kids and day care centers need to be within the view of their attendant. In most of the cases they should be positioned behind a low wall where an adult can easily see, but should also leave some privacy from other kids. A parent must be sure that the environment is safe and ensure that the child is being monitored each second. In addition, the parent must ensure that there is a high level of cleanliness and safety e.g. covered electrical sockets, safe storage for potentially harmful materials such as cleaning agents and paints, safe toys without sharp points which can injure the children etc.

Daycare Centers Pay Attention to Your Child’s Education

Apart from the normal testing that is normally done at the end of the term, a good childcare program should track the development of individual kids. There are several ways through which emotional growth, social growth as well as academic readiness can be tracked. These assessments help both the teachers and parents measure some essential developmental traits like their self-esteem, ability to understand things easily, and their ability to keep trying new things e.g. rebuilding a tower after it collapses. Identifying learning disabilities, health problems and developmental delays is very important role if the child care and the parent should be notified about any challenge experienced by the kid. The parent should be keen on how the child care attendants track development and identify potential problems in the children

Student, staff interactions

The teachers should literally interact with the children on their level. In most of the times, the preschool teachers play the role of parents and should be willing to interact with the kids comfortably. Teachers must help the children do their basic tasks such as changing pants, tying their shoe laces, and attending to minor injuries. Another effective way for teachers to engage the children is by interacting with them. A good teacher will spend most of the time listening to the kids rather than talking. This not only makes the children feel valued but also gives them room to extend their language skills. Children should also be given a chance to interact with each other. In case of conflicts between the children, the teachers should intervene and help them solve them out instead of punishing them.

There a lot more factors to consider, but do your homework and take some time.  That way you know you’ve found the right daycare center in Gilbert.

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