Things Every Parent Should Look For In A Good Preschool (Continued)

Finding a good preschool in Gilbert is more important than people think. One thing is how much and how soon your kids start learning.

The Right Activities at a Daycare Center Can Help Your Children Learn | (480) 267-9427

The Right Activities at a Daycare Center Can Help Your Children Learn | (480) 267-9427

A Gilbert Preschool and Cognitive Education

As we covered previously, a good preschool in Gilbert has a curriculum that is well-designed to stimulate the development of children and makes their daily lives more fun. How well your child reads at the end of 1st grade predicts how well they’ll read in later grades. Because of this, go for a preschool that focuses on cognitive areas like ABCs and 123s.

Wondering how to know if a preschool in Gilbert offers such basics? Simple. Look for number and letter materials in the classrooms, as well as other things like puzzles, maps, clocks, the alphabet, a stocked bookcase etc. If you can’t see any of these, it doesn’t hurt to ask the teachers around.

As you may already know, play plays a big role in your child’s early development, therefore, you should find out how the school you’re about to select incorporates play into its daily schedules. Physical play helps children develop gross motor skills and long-term health, so find out if outside play is part of the school’s typical day.

The Importance of Play Time and Safety at a Good Gilbert Preschool

When you visit, keenly observe whether the school has balls for the children to play with, tricycles, climbing structures and enough room for the kids to stretch. In addition, other kinds of play, such as imaginative play are equally essential. “Pretend play” goes a long way in improving a child’s emotional and behavioral skills, so observe to see if the school has pretend kitchen sets, a costume corner, art on the walls, as well as age-appropriate toys for kids to play with.  Check out their facilities carefully.

Also, find out if snacks and meals are provided in the school or not. If yes, ask if healthy foods are served. On the other hand, if parents have to supply food their school, be sure to follow the school’s guidelines. Some schools are strict about healthy eating for kids under their care, so don’t be surprised to be told to pack nutritious foods only. Such schools have your youngster’s best interest at heart, so you have nothing to complain about.

Bottom line: A good preschool should have a wide variety of age-appropriate activities that inspires your child’s creativity and individuality and encourages his independence. If not, keep looking.

Safety and cleanliness is also important. Good preschools have met their state’s licensing requirements for safety and health, and they have current licenses to show for it. That often includes having safe and clean facilities. So, find out if the preschool in Gilbert you’re about to select follows basic safety rules.


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