Why Playtime Matters in Preschool Part I

Play is an important part of preschool.  Why?  Well, a lot is under the surface of playtime…

Early childhood Education | (480) 267-9419

Early childhood Education | (480) 267-9419

Play in Preschool: More than Meets The Eye

What is  the importance of play in preschool? Well according to this article excerpt from EDUCATION.COM: “Parents often hear of the importance of play in preschool. But playing with dolls and blocks seems to have little to do with the academic knowledge that children will need to succeed in kindergarten. So why is it so important?

Play is the foundation for all learning for young children, and giving your child the time and a few basic toys can provide her with a variety of valuable learning opportunities. “Play is how children begin to understand and process their world,” says Angie Rupan, Program Coordinator for Child Development Center in South San Francisco, CA and early childhood educator for over 20 years. “Children’s play unlocks their creativity and imagination, and develops reading, thinking, and problem solving skills as well as further develops motor skills. It provides the base foundation for learning.”

Why is play so important and what do preschoolers learn when they play? Try a few of these simple ideas with items you have around your house and learn about the educational benefits that each can provide for your child.” [READ SOURCE ARTICLE]

Your Children Learn a Lot While They Are Playing

Your children learn a lot while they are playing.  They learn rules like fair play, and teamwork.  They learn how to play nice, and to share.  They learn that each game is different, and that everyone should be allowed to play.

So as you see, there is more to play than just colored blocks and finger paints.  With the right sort of play, sometimes, your children can be taught without even being aware of the fact that they are being taught.  And to us that makes the perfect preschool environment.

For more information on play in preschool, be sure to read part two and part three as well.

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