Why Playtime Matters in Preschool Part II

Part two of our series on play in preschool explores some additional points about this remarkable process.

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Your Preschool in Gilbert | (480) 267-9427

Play in Preschool: Learning and Growing

Play in preschool, in addition to teaching the concepts of fair play and teamwork, also teaches the concepts of boundaries.  Children that have this simple yet profound concept down thrive in society, while those who don’t often struggle.  One of the most important things they learn, however, is language skills.

According to EDUCATION.COM: “When playing with other children or adults, vocabulary and language skills are fostered. Your child will listen and learn the language she hears without even realizing. Children will learn to use language to communicate meaning as well as picking up new words and hearing the grammatical structure of the English language.

  • Vehicles and Animals. Playing with cars, trucks and trains as well as animals provides for many new vocabulary words as children learn the names of each, what they do, what they eat or where you can find them. Additionally, children and adults can create all kinds of scenarios that the vehicles or animals might find themselves in, providing for further language and vocabulary development.
  • Dollhouse and Dolls. Playing with a dollhouse or dolls allows your child to reenact what happens in her everyday life, using the words and phrases she hears. You are likely to hear your own words come out of her mouth as she recreates events that have happened, perhaps with an outcome more suited to her liking! [READ SOURCE ARTICLE]

Children Learn So Much At Preschool Age

During your child’s preschool years, he or she learns so much that will affect them later in life.  A child is essentially a sponge that soaks up experiences, knowledge, and expectations. So remember, your children should always have every advantage they can to help them.

Make sure they have proper nutrition, and that they get plenty of rest.  And above all else, teach them in one of the best ways possible, by encouraging your children  to play in preschool.

For more information on play in preschool, be sure to read part one and part three as well.

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