Why Playtime Matters in Preschool Part III

Part three of our series on play in preschool explores the development of creativity and imagination.

Teach Children the Concept of Fair Play | (480) 267-9427

Teach Children the Concept of Fair Play | (480) 267-9427

Play in Preschool: Imagination and Creativity

In our fast paced and high tech society, children have fewer and fewer opportunities to use and develop their creativity. Children who are not given frequent opportunities to play may have a difficult time entertaining themselves as they simply do not know what to do without instruction. By providing opportunities for open ended play, your child will automatically get her creative juices flowing, and the possibilities are endless. Why does developing imagination matter? A lot of times, we’re given the wrong lessons in life.  We are often taught to be practical and often encouraged to be serious.  And while these lessons have some merit, without imagination and creativity, we cannot find solutions to problems.  According to the site EDUCATION.COM: “

  • Dramatic Play. provide a few props such as dishes and play food, empty food boxes and a cash register or stuffed animals and a doctor’s kit, and your child will be transported into a different place! Watch and be amazed at what she will come up with as she plays.
  • Craft Supplies. Without a specific project complete, provide your child with a variety of craft supplies such as markers and crayons, scraps of fabric or paper, empty boxes or containers, glue, buttons and stickers. Allow her to create anything she likes and watch her inner artist emerge!”

Why Creative Kids Thrive

A lot of times, our society pigeonholes children into the wrong categories.  Sometimes, we encourage athletes because, as Americans we equate sports with winning, and we all want our children to win.  However, there are other ways to win.  Sometimes, it is the quiet dreamer kid who will grow up to be someone great, and it all starts by encouraging their imagination and creativity.

So remember, it is more than just sitting down at a desk or a worktable to learn. Sometimes, children can learn by playing a game, or sharing an activity together.  Some children are more artistic and creative than others, but each child can learn how to be creative in different ways, and use their imaginations as well.  And one sure way to give them these ideas is to encourage play in preschool.

For more information on play in preschool, be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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