Why You Should Enroll Your Child in a Preschool in Gilbert (Contd.)

One of the many benefits of a preschool in Gilbert is socialization.

Early Childhood Education in Gilbert| 480-267-9427

Early Childhood Education in Gilbert| 480-267-9427

Socialization and Early Childhood Development in a Gilbert Preschool

As we covered previously, preschool promotes social and emotional development. At the tender age of three, a preschooler transitions from playing near other children to truly playing with them. This, in turn, allows your child to develop their social skills and emotional self-control fully. Your child will learn how to compromise, solve problems as a team and be respectful of others. Preschool provides a place where your child can build their confidence, discover their capabilities and gain a sense of self.

Your child will learn to take care of him/herself. Your child’s sense of competence and self-worth is nurtured when they learn to take care of themselves and help others. Preschool provides new adventures for children every day. Their teachers encourage them to actively participate and help in decision making during these fun activities. The children also learn how to lead and follow when presented with different challenges.

Personal Responsibility, Cognitive and Language Skills

Preschool teachers also appeal to the preschoolers to engage in “real work” such as setting the table at snack time or feeding the classroom hamster. Your child will be taught how to pour their own juice, wash their hands before snack time, put away toys after playing and put their bags in their “cubby”.

Preschool promotes language and cognitive skills. One of the most significant benefits of taking your child to preschool is to improve their critical thinking. In preschool, there are various programs such as early literacy and math skills that enhance your child’s mind at an early stage. Their cognitive skills are nurtured and strengthened by engaging in a wide range of hands-on activities that challenge them to observe keenly, ask questions and try to solve a problem.

Their language skills are fostered in a “language-rich” environment. The preschool teachers help children to stretch their language skills by introducing new vocabulary during various activities. The children are also asked to sing, read their favorite books aloud and talk about their weekend to improve their language.

Preschool helps to develop motor skills.The physical coordination of a child improves in preschool by allowing them to explore their environment and also challenge themselves in new ways. At preschool, your child will be in motion for a good part of their day. A good preschool provides your child several opportunities to run, climb, jump and play active games. These activities help children develop their fine motor skills such as cutting with scissor or threading beads. The children are also challenged through a variety of activities to build their hand-eye coordination and balance.


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