Your Preschool in Gilbert: Early Childhood Education at it’s Finest (Conclusion)

A Gilbert preschool gives your child so much more than a head start.

Socialization is Part of Preschool | (480) 267-9427

Socialization is Part of Preschool | (480) 267-9427

Gilbert Preschool: Better Grades and a Better Start

As we covered previously, as a parent with a child in an early childhood education program, you should expect improved social skills from your child. This is because as already mentioned, the children are being taught in a social environment and they are communicating with kids their own age as well as teachers who are adults.

Children enrolled in a program at a preschool have been found to consistently achieve higher academic grades. This is because they are exposed to a learning environment quicker. As a parent, you should expect to see improved grades as a direct trickle down of this exposure.

Parents with children in an early childhood education program should expect a habit of curiosity in their children. As they learn more in the program, they will generally develop questions that they will need answered. This sometimes leads to a lot of questions will some parents find annoying. However, it all should be encouraged as a curious mind is more often a brighter one.

The Importance of Encouraging Curiosity in Children: Early Childhood Education Demystified

Why does curiosity matter so much?  Because a curious child is one who wants to explore the world, and find out all there is to know.  Learning is something that should always be encouraged throughout life.  The more someone knows, the more likely it is that they will make informed choices and be productive members of society.  A lot of parents get annoyed at the “why?” question that a great many children ask.  But it is not just to help their young minds to grow, it is important to ask why for the purpose of social mores, and for the establishment of boundaries.

Boundaries help people to respect things like privacy, personal space, and learn rules like how to share, including others in play, and other things that will help them later in life.  In addition to curiosity, play should be encouraged as part of early childhood education  Play helps both the imagination and the mind develop, while at the same time, the physical activity is obviously good for kids as well.

So remember, you want them to have an edge in this sometimes tough world.  One way to help?  Enroll them in a preschool in Gilbert.

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